Off the couch – training in progress.

IronMāori, competed as an individual for 10 years.

For the past ten years, August marks the beginning of my IronMaori training, a local half ironman event which consists of a 2km swim, 90km cycle and 21km run (or in my case walk) which occurs in early December each year. There is nothing like the adrenaline buzz that you get when you cross the finish line and the medal is placed around your neck!

The distances of a half ironman requires commitment and consistent training in each of the three disciplines for approximately four months. Note: The August start date assumes that you have been building fitness prior to this date, initial distances within my training programme start with 50km cycle, 1.5km swim and 10km walk and build from there.

Last year was the tenth anniversary of the event and nine of us who had participated as individuals in all events were inducted into the hall of fame.

August is here, I am not fit but will be attempting to get there again.  

Unfortunately I have been on the couch more than on the roads preparing for August this year, due to a foot injury sustained during last years event which is still not quite resolved, and a back injury that I sustained a couple of years ago (slipped while getting into the car and ended up with a disc protrusion).

I will be doing a reduced version of the training (especially the walk) but hopefully my base fitness over the past decade will see me through.

Stocktake 16/8/19 and target for 31/8/19.

Swim: I went for my first swim last week, luckily I am a confident swimmer so it wont take too long for me to get swim fit, as long as I actually make the effort to hit the water.

Off the couch and on the way towards swim fitness. I will be in the pool again tomorrow. I have committed to swim once a week (recommended to be three times a week) but aim to have swam at least 3 times before the next check in.

Stocktake: 1 swim

Target: 3 more swims

Bike: I have been cycling most weeks since December so I can do 50km already so am on track.

Off the couch, need to extend the distances, commit to doing a 60km within the next two weeks.

Stocktake: regular cycles – on track

Target: Increase to 60km

Walk: I have an appointment to review my foot this week, only currently walking about 2km.

Not quite off the couch. The challenge will be to increase distance without aggravating the foot. I will try to extend walk up to 3km within the 2 weeks and use elliptical trainer three times before the next check in.

Stocktake: Walk 2km once week

Target: Increase to 3km and use elliptical trainer

Broken or not, IronMaori is dear to my heart and I do everything I can to ensure that I am able to participate each year.

Jump up, or push yourself up slowly, come and join me on my journey back to fitness.

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