Happy Birthday My Friend.

There once was a girl who lived in a wooden castle on the hill. It’s magnificent turret proudly peaking through the trees, could be seen from far away, teasing your imagination, but you first had to make your way up the winding driveway through the glorious gardens before taking the final bend and seeing the delight and the grandeur that awaited. Red roofed, white walls with huge verandas and the towering turret that provided expansive vistas across the country side.

When I met the girl, she had children of her own, she was not from a fairy tale but she certainly is magical.

Friendship is a gift to be treasured, it is special and unique, two beings sharing moments together, supporting each other during times of need and sharing the joy and laughter during times of celebration.

My friend, has had a special birthday this week and I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate how special she is. I love the fact that her priority is always the love of her family, the dedication, patience and joy spent with those that she has lost, the welcoming heart to those that joined her blended family, the joyful pride and pleasure of her children and the many grandchildren and her absolute love for her husband.

I admire her adventurous spirit, no doubt inherited in part from her Mum who was always up for a challenge. She is a loyal honest friend to many and a talented and caring nurse. Giving and empathic but most of all kind. Regal but not afraid to rock it out in the mosh pit to the Boss (Bruce Springsteen).

When I see liquorice all sorts I think of her, not just because she likes them but because they are so diverse, colourful and delightful.

Happy Birthday C, thanks for being my friend.

One comment

  1. Thank you for your lovely comments. I am so blessed to have such wonderful talented friends surrounding me.
    Your painting of the lolly jars gives not only me but my family joy everyday. A real treasure in my home❤️
    Thank you my special friend who has been by my side unconditionally xx

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