Celebrating Yellow.

When I think of the colour yellow my first image is that of the sun, not as the perfect sphere of hot plasma at the centre of our universe but how a child draws the sun, large and bright, with pointed tentacles radiating out signifying light and warmth across the page. Children’s pictures that feature the sun are happy and often include families holding hands with exaggerated smiles, you can feel the support and love oozing off the page.

The sun is my happy place, I like nothing more than to take advantage of the afternoon rays blasting through the window onto my favourite chair whilst I simply sit and absorb its energy enjoying the moment and the feeling of being wrapped in the glow of its life source.  

Yellow is also the colour of the symbol for Daffodil Day, where it is used to signify hope for people impacted by cancer. Daffodil day raises money for the Cancer Society who work to help reduce the incidence of cancer by promoting health education, encouraging research for prevention, treatment and care whilst supporting people and their families affected by the disease.

August 28th is Daffodil day and I am taking time to celebrate those family and friends who have been touched by cancer and sending out yellow happy, warm, loving, sun filled thoughts to them all. I hope you have a moment to do the same.

‘A’ who had bowel cancer, she warms my heart every day and shows me what strength and grace is.

‘D’ who died so young from Leukaemia, his love of life and cheeky smile were priceless.

‘K’ a single mum who had breast cancer and rocked the head scarf during her treatment.

‘B’ who was the typical grumpy old man who touched our hearts and lived life to the max.

‘K’ who had ovarian cancer and used her journey to help publicise and stop the misdiagnosis of others.

‘C’ whose Dad died and now leads in a movement promoting the importance of health and well being; USO Bike Ride. ‘

M’ who is newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

The words warrior and survivor are often used when talking about cancer, but having never experienced it myself I can’t define the appropriate word to signify the journey; I believe it is personal to the individual.

Cancer is a disease from within that needs to be addressed not ignored or hidden away.

If you have a loved one affected, don’t shrink away, ask them how best you can support them as every one will have different needs at different times as they make their way along the journey.

Surround them in yellow love, hope, warmth, sunshine and joy.

Love you all.

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