Flowers, Hearts, Diamonds, Cupcakes…

My Mum recently passed away, and whilst going through her treasured possessions, I found a birthday card that I had given her. Given that Mum had kept it save, I thought it was appropriate that I share it.

Happy Birthday Mum,

If I was to design a patchwork quilt to describe the Mum that you are to me, it would be one of glorious colours with so many images and memories woven through the design.

Flowers would be prominent because I know that they bring you pleasure but also because they have so many fragrances, colours, beauty and a sense of elegance, which are all things that I associate with you. They radiate and have a sense of fun with colour being the joy of life.

Hearts would also represent your dedication to family, supporting and loving all of us for who we are, whilst trying to encourage us to be who we might also wish to be. Your gentle push, your open arms to catch us, your shoulder to cry on, your thoughtfulness, empathy, and genuine love is always evident. Yes, hearts will be prominent in the quilt.

Diamonds or rings should also be present, as you know diamonds can only be created by many years of hard work and you have always shown us the way; what a true role model you have been. Perseverance and hard work are great gifts to pass on and what strong, confident children you have helped to guide. Diamonds also sparkle and many of my memories surround the sparkle in your eyes, the rings that adorn your hands and the sparkle of your laughter.

Cupcakes may also feature as through the years food and baking have been a way to show your love and kindness to others. Your caring nature is endless and so many family, friends and strangers have been touched by your generosity through the years.

Mum you are loved and adored by us all. Thank you for the time you share with us as we weave our quilt of life together. Love always.

Rest in peace Mum, you will continue to be weaved through our life quilt forever, miss you everyday.


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