My Mum…Superhero…

Today I supported Mum with a visit to the local Accident and Emergency, something that I have done a few times in my adult life when she has required it. During all of these visits she has tried to manage independently longer than she should have, (she never wants to be a bother) and she always expresses gratitude and feels guilty for needing help, but each time I smile and tell her I love her. My mum has been there for me just as many times as I have been there for her, that’s what families do.

My mum is a superhero with special powers…

She is courageous enough to reinvent herself many times over, I’m not talking about hair styles or fashion through out the decades, although she has always been very stylish, no my mum over the years trained as a kindergarten teacher, ran the family business, worked as a caregiver for the intellectually disabled, orchard and lifestyle property owner, ran a café and burger bar business, had a rural post delivery route and became a medical receptionist at 50.

Never shy of hard work or a challenge, yes she is courageous.

See is generous, always the first to lend a hand and give of her time, her local Lions Club are just one of the many organizations that have benefited from her selfless generosity over the years.

She is loyal, any of her friends will vouch for that.

She is humble, she likes to have a cloak of invisibility handy.

She is fiercely independent, although she will bend over backwards to help you, she does not take offers of help well.

She is strong, her preference is to be outside toiling rather than sitting around.

Dependable is her middle name, if she says she will do something, she gets it done.

Yes my mum is a superhero who has always been my biggest supporter teaching me to aim high, standing beside me for all of my achievements, holding my hand through all of my joy and sorrow, showing me the way to challenge life while also being compassionate, sincere, courageous, humble, generous but most of all be present and love, love with all your heart.

Thanks Mum, love you.

This visit saw Mum being very well cared for by amazing receptionists, support staff, nurses, radiologists, ultrasound technicians, physiotherapist and doctors; she had a very painful injury to her shoulder and all the staff treated her with respect and empathy and had her best interests as their priority whilst working in an Emergency Department that was extremely busy and under pressure. They are also Superhero’s.

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