Own your mistakes.

Remember as a child how indignant you felt if someone accused you of doing something that you didn’t do and no matter how hard you tried to convince the adult that had been called in to adjudicate they just didn’t seem to listen or believe you, usually because it was a case of he said she said; conflicting reports on an issue. The same situation can often occur between siblings and causes endless hours of stress and frustration to those involved.

The person who is the accuser is generally the one in the wrong and is likely to be too scared to own up either because of the possible consequences or they just don’t have the skills to apologise for their mistake.

We all make mistakes, mistakes help us learn where we have gone wrong, they teach us how we can do better and provide an opportunity for growth. Ask any Entrepreneur and they will tell you they made plenty of mistakes and they just kept learning and trying.

Taking responsibility for our mistakes is essential to help us be true to ourselves and those around us. Trying to cover up the mistake with a lie just burdens us with guilt.

As an adult there is nothing more hurtful or frustrating than when you are lied to. The realisation brings with it that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and you feel like that little child in the playground hurt and indignant all over again.

Some lies are obviously more hurtful that others for example those between loved ones around infidelity can cause irreparable damage to trust and relationships, whereas lies between work colleagues relating to a piece of work done/not done can cause confusion and mistrust but not impact on your overall wellbeing.

Why do people lie, hold back information, try to cover up situations or even worse somehow twist it around to blame you?

I suspect they are scared of losing respect, they want you to like them or be impressed and by telling the truth they think this will be damaged.

Friendship and respect are built on trust, mistakes will happen in any relationship work or personal but if you stuff up OWN IT.

Practice saying, “I did it…I’m sorry…I didn’t realise…How can I fix this…What do you need me to do… I apologise for not coming forward I felt ashamed…I stuffed up”

Be brave and you will find that people appreciate, forgive, accept, support, and trust when they hear honest admissions of mistakes made.  

Be honest, it shows integrity

Be accountable, we all make mistakes

Learn from your mistakes; an Entrepreneur in the making


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