12777 days and counting.

What is a Wife?

According to a dictionary, Wife is a married women in relation to her husband.

Basic and concise definition but ‘not’ accurate! A wife must be a number of things:

  1. Willing to share the rest of her life with her mate. Sharing in everything from life’s most intimate moments through to sharing last nights left overs.
  2. She must have instinct. When to know to comfort and when to know to keep clear. Instinct to know just what her mate needs both emotionally and physically.
  3. A wife must be the best friend that her husband could ever wish for. Friendship that is based on mutual trust and understanding. Friends can spend many wonderful hours together just enjoying the simple things in life.
  4. Most importantly a wife must enjoy her job as lover, friend and life long companion. P your love is my life. All I want to do is to bring you happiness and be a good wife to you. I may not be the best wife ever produced ‘yet’ but I’m sure going to try!!

May our life together be like the treasure at the end of a thousand rainbows. I love you.

The above is a note that I wrote to my husband around the time we got married, nine years later I wrote this for Valentines Day 1993.

To the man that I love…how do you tell the man that you love and cherish how much he means to you? ‘I love you’ says how I feel but doesn’t seem enough to express how you have touched and shaped my life.

You over took my thoughts in 1983 giving me all those silly school girl feelings again. My heart raced, my eyes lit up, and my mind fantasized whenever someone mentioned your name, I was determined not to let you slip by but little did I realise just what a catch you were. In the early days you never tried to rush or pressure me (sometimes much to my disgust) you always considered my emotions and physical needs. You defended our feelings to family and friends, supporting me like no other could.

As our relationship flourished and strengthened, I to gained confidence and inner strength, only made possible because of your love. You have always given me the space I have needed and the opportunity to better myself without jealousy or malice. Your encouragement and praise is often just below the surface as you realise too much of this would cause my head to swell. Your sense of humour helps keep me ‘down to earth’, the enjoyment is obvious in your eyes when you have just strung me along and I (as always) managed to fall for it.

As a lover you are a model for all men, never selfish or uncaring. You always have my needs as a priority, they are never an after thought. Together we create love making that is only possible when true unconditional love is present. You are truly sensitive and passionate both in love and in life.

I am privileged to say that you are the man I love and adore PP. I am lucky enough to be able to share my hopes, dreams, loves and sorrows with you, my soul mate. All your wonderful attributes are highlighted by the way you have managed to express your love for both myself and the children to others, only truly sensitive, caring and considerate people can do this sincerely.

I love you with all my heart, you are my life and make my life truly special.

I have written many love letters to my husband over the years, we have always worked hard at making our marriage a priority and we recently celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary; counting the days and still going strong!

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