Songs that shaped us…Loyal

And call me loyal I’ll say you’re loyal too.
I know you’re loyal I feel your loyal truth,
Call me loyal I’ll hold you loyal too,
And we are loyal, keep it that way

Dave Dobbyn, NZ singer song writer is an amazing artist with a career that started in the late 70’s and still sees him performing today, in fact I am off to see ‘A Night with Dave Dobbyn’ as part of the Harcourts Hawke’s Bay Art Festival later this month. Starting his career in bands ‘ Th’ Dudes’ and then ‘DD Smash’, Dave is probably more well known for his solo work.

His songs are legendary; my current favourite is ‘Welcome Home’ which sends a message of an inclusive accepting country opening up our hearts to all cultures. I always get shivers down my spine when he sings the words ‘There’s a woman with her hands trembling, Haerai Mai’. This was the song that he choose to sing at Auckland’s remembrance service for the victims of the tragic Christchurch mosque shootings in March 2019.

Other hits that will be well remembered by all kiwi’s include: ‘Be Mine Tonight’, ‘Outlook for Thursday’, ‘Whaling’, ‘Outghta Be In Love’ and the sound track to the Footroot Flats movie, ‘Slice of Heaven.

However in my mind Dobbyn’s hit song ‘Loyal’ (1988) from his debut solo album of the same name is the best hands down. Loyal became a kiwi anthem when used as part of the 2003 Team New Zealand’s failed America’s Cup defence. We didn’t win the cup (although one of our sailors did for the opposition) but we did end up with a legendary song that is a national treasure.

Some songs result in an emotional attachment with an individual but this song moved a nation! Check out the history behind the song and the video here.

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