Not a NZ World Cup win.

The hopes of a nation lay heavy on the shoulders of the New Zealand mighty All Blacks as they were knocked out of the Rugby World Cup by the English in the semifinal. They didn’t give up, they fought until the end but sometimes the other team is just too good on the night. When you are hot you are hot and the England team were amazing, they performed at tempo and had the All Blacks on the back foot all night, with their first seven points on the board within the first few minutes.

England controlled the game and defeated the All Blacks for the first time in a rugby world cup. Although we tried we were on the defensive and made too many mistakes.

New Zealands heros should still be proud as they did all that they could but the game just didn’t go their way. Tough for all their fans but this game was one that the other team won with skill. England’s luck was up as the balls bounced their way and they shut us out of the game and pushed us into touch more times that I have seen in a long time.

This world cup we can not blame any outside influences, no bad food before the game, just plan old fashioned ‘the better team won on the night‘. Hold you heads up high All Blacks we know you are disappointed as we are and we will lament for a while especially when it comes to the work place pools where the majority of us will be out of the running, but we will get over it. We are proud of you.

At least it wasn’t the French that beat us!

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