Off the couch – Ocean Swim.

Time for the first ocean swim of the season, with the sea temperature advertised at 14 degrees Celsius I knew it would be cold.

My training for swimming has been almost non existent but with the 1/4 IronMaori only two weeks away it is now or never to get wet, so my hubby and I headed to Napier for an early dip.

The morning was stunning with an almost flat sea at low tide, greeting us.

Fifteen minutes later the Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit was on, carefully inching the suit, which is skin tight, up the legs, butt then body and after a bit of readjustment and hoisting up from hubby I was good to go. Double capping (2 swim caps) to try and ward off the cold of the ocean that awaited us, googles on and full of confidence, until the first toe hit the briny. Shit it was freezing.

I am one of those swimmers that take it slow getting wet when it is cold, the water seeps in through the bottom of the zip, then the arms feel it, and I squat down and let some water down the neck, jump up and down as the cold seeps through the suit to your feet and down your back and arms on the inside and finally the face. Hold your breath and lower it into the cold water then try to swim and not freak out as the head gets the sudden ‘brain freeze’. Hubby is the complete opposite, he just dolphin dives in and is totally immersed at once. I have often thought his way might be better but I can never quite bring myself to try it.

We are off, heading out into the ocean, stopping and starting as we still get used to the chill on the face, hands and feet but eventually we acclimatise (or maybe we are just numb) and can swim freely. This is when you get to appreciate the wonder of the ocean swimming, you can marvel at the beauty of your surrounding as you take each breath; when swimming parallel to the shore you can track your progress by the houses on one side and watch the leisure boats and paddle boards enjoying the ocean on the other side.

A quick chat at the buoy with other swimmers and back to shore to warm up and grab a well deserved coffee.

Job done, first ocean swim of the season completed. We will need to get a few more swims in to actually get some fitness going before the 1/4 but what a great way to start the day.

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