Swim Bike Walk, It’s Who I Am.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been struggling around my dedication to my ‘self imposed’ annual fitness goal of completing the IronMaori Half Ironman. The struggle is in relation to the fact that over the past few years my body has been broken more often than not between events, mostly due to back issues, which resulted in limited training, however my stubborn determination to complete ten years in a row pushed me through the events. Since last year, along with my dodgy back I have had foot pain to contend with so I have decided that this year I will not be at the start line to enable me to recover fully. Having just completed the ¼ event recently and the body came through well, however the training has not been sufficient to get me through without further injury.  I know that if I do front up to the start line, the top two inches would get me through again but I am choosing pain free for the next few months.  

So decision made what did I do, cry of course.

When you have been scheduling your life around the swim, bike, walk regime needed to get you to the start line over so many years it starts to define you. What are you doing this weekend? Swim bike run of course in between doing the gardening, playing with grandchildren, catching up with friends and the odd Nana Nap.

Pain is debilitating so having lived with pain for so long I am moving towards being pain free again before my next half ironman.

Decision made I need a new plan to get me through as I need to be strong and fit for life. My plan is to start to do the things that I enjoy and have missed over the past few years and see what I might be able to achieve now that I am managing the back better and the foot is starting to resolve itself.

So what will I do?

  • I am a bit of a fish and feel at home in the water and get a feeling of rejuvenation after a swim so I am going to do more open water swimming this summer.
  • Cycling is not my favourite thing and I struggle to get on the bike but Saturday is a date ride for my hubby and I with friends from USO bike ride. Nothing beats the feeling of achievement when you have completed the 50-60km ride and you are having coffee and scones and great conversation. Hubby likes to bike three times a week and we are planning to do a cycling holiday in July next year so at some stage I need to add in another ride each week.  
  • Walking is what I have missed the most and I am delighted that the body is showing signs of enabling me to resume this more fully, I can solve the problems of the world on my feet. What I am looking forward to is getting back into the hills as I have haven’t been able to walk anything but flat for so long.

OK I can hear you saying that still sounds like swim bike walk, which of course it is, but it should have more of a focus of enjoyment and pleasure rather than a focus of training, that is of course until August comes around when training will hopefully start for another half ironman.

So crying over, get on with living and exercising for life. Swim bike walk is who I am, move it so you don’t loose it.

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