Celebrate Eradication.

Yes, our team of 5 million has essentially eradicated COVID19; that is of course, if the borders remain closed and the processes around isolation, testing and quarantining remains vigilant.

Was it easy?

Hell no.

Was it scary and stressful?


But we did it and if you have not already done so, take the time to pat yourselves on the back and Celebrate with Kool and the Gang for a job well done.

After months of being transfixed to the 1pm live updates we relaxed after more than three weeks of zero cases and for a moment we thought we would never hear the words “X number of cases today”, until we did, along with the facts around insecure border processes.

Were we surprised?

Naively yes but in reality no.

Was it scary and stressful?

Absolutely, how could the promise of secure borders, testing and contact tracing be undermined after all our sacrifices.

Are people upset?

Too bloody right; people have lost jobs and livelihoods and families were separated from loved ones in times of need, sickness and death. We all paid the price to get to where we are.  

But it is not the fault of those poor kiwi’s who have returned home, to be with dying relatives or hoping for a new start and safe haven within their own country.  Having lost the opportunity to remain away as the virus ravishes the rest of the world their lives are in upheaval and home is the only option.

The whole point of control is to identify and stop the virus entering the community, so numbers reported from the border are a good thing.

Remember the kindness that we had in lockdown, we need to find this again, this is an illness which is not self selected or wanted by those that have it, they are suffering for no fault of their own.

Thankfully, the authorities have reinforced the border restrictions, enabling those returning to our shores to be as safe as possible and protected from contracting and spreading the virus. For those who are sick we need to ensure their safety so they don’t succumb to it or the unwarranted bullying and hate talk that has arisen.

Instead we need to embrace the words of Dave Dobbyn’s song ‘Welcome Home

So welcome home
I bid you welcome
I bid you welcome
Welcome home
From the bottom of my heart

So back to the Celebration.

Now that we have eradicated this virus, Level1 allows us to enjoy all the things that were restricted in lockdown. We can cuddle our grandchildren, go on holiday, celebrate parties and bereavements with family and friends, cheer from the side lines for our children or favourite sports team, go to the movies or take in a live show, enjoy water sports, hunting and fishing, eat out or dine in, dance the night away, cycle with friends, hug strangers, laugh and love life within the confines of our own borders.

This week hubby and I went out for dinner and then saw a live show with Mark Hadlow in the one man play by Gregory Cooper, MAMIL (Middle Aged Man in Lycra). Being amongst a crowd of people, sitting side by side, all laughing for ninety minutes at the most amazing talented actor was liberating.

So get out there New Zealand enjoy what we have earned and be kind.

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